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Hi I am Damian and am Engineer and Scientist and with 25 years of experience in the field of technical sciences and  I am now desperately looking for  life-changing help with treatment as I was and I am still in my  situation suffering from the following:

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Wrongly Accused

Illegally evicted

No sickness benefit

No housing

Need Surgery

Need treatment and recovery

And due to this the Police, Council, DWP, NHS and Social Services are not prioritising treatment or communicating with me and leaving me in this way. I am trying to raise for a private medical examination fee, MRI scan, and electric wheelchair to help me mobilise me properly enough so that I can do a type of work with which I could save up for a surgery and that could help me get back to my normal life.  

I am trying to do this by raising for it my self as it is taking very long to a government and it is just not happening for me, and therefore I would be very grateful for any additional donations as it would save me a lot of inconvenience, time, effort and pain that I am suffering during this situation.

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  E-mail:  dbc4ltd@hotmail.com      Online:  www.dbc4.uk      Phone :  07404346601

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